What are IT leaders worried about? Assessment readiness and money

A CoSN survey reveals CTO concerns about privacy, budgets, and assessment readiness

leardership-cosnFor the past three years, CoSN—the Consortium for School Networking—has conducted the K-12 IT Leadership Survey seeking to identify major trends and challenges, and provide a picture of these leaders.

What are the key technology trends in education according to leadership in our school systems? What do the data tell us?

Assessment readiness is again the No. 1 priority for IT Leaders. The growing imperative about being assessment ready isn’t likely a surprise for those living in states adopting the Common Core. However, regardless of where you live, all states are increasingly moving their high-stakes assessments online. And, they are doing it quickly.

Yet less than 30 percent report they are fully prepared for online assessments. Sixty-two percent of respondents say they are either “fully prepared” or “almost ready.” But that still leaves nearly 40 percent of districts unprepared to implement online assessments.

Another growing concern is privacy. Last year, for the first time, we added privacy to the list of potential top concerns. It ranked dead last by our IT Leaders. Perhaps that didn’t fully explain the situation since privacy might be a concern, but not yet a “top tier” concern.

This year we asked the question in a different way; “Is privacy and security of student data more important, less important or the same as last year?”

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