Xirrus XD4 access point incorporates four high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi radios, addressing exploding wireless usage

xd-wi-fiWireless network provider Xirrus has announced Xtreme Density (XD) Wi-Fi, high-density Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) that aim to deliver some of the fastest Wi-Fi available in the industry.

Designed to address the Internet of Things (IoT), Xirrus XD4 is a 4-radio all 802.11ac AP and aims to support more users, reduce the amount of equipment deployed, and decrease total cost of ownership.

Gartner estimates 4.9 billion Internet of Things units installed by 2015, increasing to 25 billion by 2020. This exceptional growth in the number of devices, and more importantly the increased volume of application traffic, has already severely stressed Wi-Fi networks.

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