5 reasons certification is important for ed-tech leaders

How certification can set educators up for a lifetime of learning

“He who learns from one who is learning drinks from a flowing river.” – Native American Proverb

Certification-educationEarlier this month, I spoke at TEDxUCIrvine and issued a challenge to educators to “reclaim the teachers’ lounge” by transforming the space into a positive, collaborative environment that embraces the “Yes, and…” philosophy of lifelong learning.

How does lifelong learning relate to leadership in education, and the role of certification? Quite directly, I believe. There is an increasing movement toward alternative learning opportunities–education beyond advanced degrees. Certification just may be the sweet spot that bridges leadership, lifelong learning, and formal training.

Here are some of the advantages and opportunities for today’s ed tech leader that certification offers:

Level up
In an industry in which a single, regularly renewed credential provides educators an opportunity for a lifetime of work, certification provides a way for educators to develop new skills and opportunities to enhance teaching and learning without leaving the classroom or their current roles in a school or district. Indeed, there is a huge relevancy in being a practicing educator while obtaining these certifications. Current practitioners are more often sought after as speakers, trainers, and consultants for forward-thinking schools and districts seeking to transform themselves and looking for the best talent out there to bring their vision into reality.

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