build-tvsThe Iman High School in Sidon has introduced a new technology to its classrooms: touch-screen televisions. But the school has not purchased the interactive displays – they are being built by students. Demonstrating the progress the school has made in expanding its technical programs, students of the Technology and Robotics club have worked in the lab to modify seven normal televisions to have touch-screen displays.

The school plans to use the televisions as part of an initiative to bring more technology into the classroom, allowing teachers to present interactive lessons.

Students at the club’s lab tested and retested the screens to ensure they were correctly installed and ready for use.

“It’s a challenge to empty [everything from inside] the TV, remove its screen, and exchange it with one that works by touch,” said student Mahmoud Amoura. “It means you have to start from zero.”

But Amoura said the project taught students a number of lessons. “The experience we have gained in the club enabled us to accept the challenge and accept this mission, and hasn’t prevented us … from finishing our education and finishing our school year.”

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