Pearson adds daily current events to curriculum

Partnership combines public radio pieces with non-fiction stories

current-eventsPearson has partnered with Listen Current to deliver daily current events and lessons to classrooms using its 6-12 literature curriculum. That curriculum called, Pearson Literature, will now feature Listen Current connections that build on topics students are exploring in the program  to make learning relevant and meaningful.

“We are excited to partner with Pearson to engage students in listening and current events,” said Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO of Listen Current. “Together we can bring compelling audio stories from public radio to thousands of classrooms throughout the US, giving teachers a great new resource through their trusted literature curriculum.”

The partnership brings the power of public radio to the English Language Arts and Literature classroom with non-fiction stories that connect teaching and learning to what is happening in the real world. Listen Current offers daily current events and lessons for English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science in middle and high schools. The intent is to help students connect with what they are learning every day.

“Today multimodal learning is critical in engaging and reaching students of all learning styles, “said Leigh Ann Garcia, Vice President of Pearson K-12 Literacy. “Pearson Literature along with Listen Current allow students to interact with information and content in new ways while also practicing and developing important listening and speaking skills that prepare them for college and career readiness.”

As part of a comprehensive curriculum, these public radio broadcasts and lessons extend learning beyond the classroom and connect relevant up-to-date events and thinking to topics in Pearson Literature.

Pearson Literature helps make learning accessible for all students in an age where there is a greater demand on students’ abilities in order to be college and career ready. The program gives students opportunities to engage in thoughtful conversations that inspire discussion and debate while reading and writing grounded in evidence. Students will learn how to read independently, build strong content knowledge, respond and communicate with their peers, form and defend their own opinions, use technology strategically and capably, and understand other perspectives in order to be successful in today’s world.

For more information about Pearson Literature, visit Pearson’s Literature website.

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