New IW2 offers educators an affordable wireless interactive whiteboard for digital learning

interactive-whiteboardIPEVO has launched the IW2, a wireless interactive whiteboard system intended to enhance digital learning methods. The board is priced at $169.

Using wireless technology, the IW2 transforms flat surfaces into an interactive whiteboard, allowing teachers and students to draw and annotate in real time.

“I teach environmental science to about 60 students, and I use the IW2 daily in my classroom,” said Nick LaFave, teacher at Clover School District in South Carolina. “For example, I use the IW2 to annotate web pages and images, or write and draw on a blank background. I especially like that it’s very easy to save my annotations. Students have also found it easy to use for labeling diagrams or working through calculations. It creates a more visual, hands-on experience, which actively engages them in the learning process.”

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Laura Ascione
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