As Common Core implementation continues in adopting states, parents say they often feel uninformed

common-coreBy now, many parents have heard of the Common Core State Standards. But that doesn’t mean they understand why states are adopting the Common Core, what the Common Core will do for students, and how the standards are different from previous state standards.

During an edWeb webinar on how parents can learn about the Common Core, Anne O’Brien, deputy director of the Learning First Alliance (LFA), a partnership of education organizations that focuses on improving student learning, offered a look at Common Core background and dispelled a number of myths surrounding the standards.

One of LFA’s current priorities is communication around the Common Core, O’Brien said, due to a lot of misinformation and myths.

“There’s a lot going on in the popular media around the Common Core and what it’s doing to change education,” she said. But media coverage doesn’t always outline what parents should know about the Common Core. Public opinion polls show that most parents trust teachers and principals, and parents tend to feel better about their children’s education after asking educators for answers.

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Laura Ascione

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