Hobsons, Gallup partner for strengths-based PD courses

New PD program’s strengths-based culture aims to improve teacher engagement, student success

strengths-teachersHobsons and Gallup have announced plans to launch on-site and online professional development courses to help teachers identify their strengths and apply them in their teaching.

The program will also help teachers to show students how to pinpoint and build upon their own unique talents to succeed in school.

“Our research tells us that people who use their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged in the work they do, and teachers are no exception,” said Brandon Busteed, Executive Director for Education and Workforce Development at Gallup. “Great teachers build on their own strengths and teach their students to do the same. We’re excited to apply this work to the classroom as we know that teachers have the most significant impact on student success.”

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Laura Ascione

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