Enhance creativity in young learners with these educator-selected apps

young-learnersEncouraging expression and creativity has never been easier, in an age where mobile devices let us combine music, art, and learning with the touch (or is that a tap?) of a button.

There are concerns, though, from fears that young children cannot distinguish what they are seeing from reality to eye strain and over stimulation, writes educator and mobile learning trainer Jonathan Nalder on the website Appitic.com. “But as new interactive screens in the form of iPads have entered many homes, the conventional wisdom around some of these has begun to change,” he continues, with new research diving into their positive benefits as well.

APPitic.com, an app resource site with more than 6,000 apps in more than 300 subcategories, offers a number of apps for young learners that differ from passive watching and dive into content creation and exploration.

Here, we’ve gathered a handful of those apps and you can access more on the APPitic site. All of these apps were originally curated by Apple Distinguished Educators.

1. Kids Musician
Kids Musician allows young children to play different instruments while learning more about music. Kids Musician is so easy to use and
features real instrument sounds, including pan flute, piano, and drums.

2. paintone
This app lets kids draw a picture and add a short sound clip to it for playback. Photos can be layered into creations as well.

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