Try these offerings for assignment grading, classroom management, and more, which every teacher will love.

teacher-appsMany teachers love their mobile devices as much as their students — maybe more. And as our lives increasingly migrate to the digital world, it only makes sense that classroom organization will start going paperless to keep pace.

Some apps, naturally, are must-have for busy educators., an app resource site with more than 6,000 apps in more than 300 subcategories, offers lots of apps for educators, from planners to helpful classroom tools and media creation.

Here, we’ve gathered a handful of those apps and you can access more on the APPitic site. All of these apps were originally curated by Apple Distinguished Educators.

Apps Gone Free
Find free apps using this aggregator that keeps track of new releases and purposely excludes paid offerings. Free

Show PowerPoint presentations right on the iPad — which can of course be ported to projectors with the right dongle — while preserving the same text, animations, and graphics. Free

Use this app to recall the contents of stacked boxes or bins and where they’re placed. A search function enables users to type in the name of the objects they are looking for and find their location. $1