Resource offers district, school administrators insight into student progress on Common Core

school-administratorEdulastic, creator of formative assessment tools for teachers, has launched Edulastic District Enterprise, a premium version of the software platform designed specifically for district and school administrators.

As part of a special launch program, districts and schools that sign up to pilot Edulastic District Enterprise during this school year will receive free access for teachers and administrators for the remainder of the school year.

Edulastic is a next-generation online assessment platform that allows K-12 teachers to track students’ progress toward Common Core State Standards. By providing a free tool that allows teachers to create and share fully customized assignments, Edulastic helps guide instruction by allowing teachers to quickly discover what students have learned and identify areas of struggle to course correct their teaching in real time.

Edulastic District Enterprise extends this real-time insight into student progress and mastery of standards across schools and districts. With Edulastic District Enterprise, school and district administrators can create common assessments, share them with teachers, and track student progress – all without any additional paperwork for teachers.

The new Edulastic District Enterprise version gives school administrators the ability to:
• Create and share school- and district-wide assessments exclusively within a school or district
• Choose from a bank of more than 2,000 expert-created pre-built assessments, and customize to fit your needs
• Generate reports to measure performance, growth and common-core mastery categorized by building, grade level, teacher and student
• Integrate Edulastic with their Student Information System and Learning Management System
• Securely manage and control centralized assessments

“We are thrilled to be able to introduce Edulastic’s first product designed specifically for district and school leaders,” says Aditya Agarkar, Edulastic Vice President of Product Development. “With Edulastic Premium, we have created an easy way for educators to continually monitor student progress and pinpoint where they need to focus their instruction to make sure all of their students master the Common Core standards. By equipping teachers and administrators with necessary tools to accurately assess students’ learning and provide course correction as needed, Edulastic is helping to ensure that students build a foundation to think critically and solve real-world problems, while also establishing a love of learning.”

School administrators can learn more about Edulastic Premium by visiting and requesting a demo to join the free pilot program.

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