Students break single-venue learning world record

Students designing in 3D on Makers Empire in one of the classrooms at Baptist Rainbow Primary School.

After many months of planning, more than 900 students from more than 50 schools gathered at Baptist Rainbow Primary School in a new Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people attending and participating in a software lesson at a single venue.

The Guinness World Record event was organized by The Association of IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE) in conjunction with Baptist Rainbow Primary School, DTSL and Makers Empire.

Students arrived on Saturday morning and went to their allocated classrooms for the event. Each student was recorded and given a wrist band with official nominated stewards and witnesses present. The school’s internet broadband was upgraded especially for the event, with each classroom fitted with video and audio communication and wifi infrastructure by Cypher Martin.

Students from kindergarten to secondary school and technical colleges were then taught simultaneously the importance of “water” to mankind with presentations from Erwin Huang, Kenneth Lo (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) sharing the University’s student projects with communities in Cambodia. To nurture students’ creativity, students were then led through a 3D design lesson using Makers Empire 3D design software by Lap Leung, Makers Empire co-founder, and Chris Leung, DTSL Marketing Director.

To celebrate the schools and students participation in the Guinness World Record breaking event lucky draw prizes of a Tiertime 3D printer, Tinkerine 3D Printer and Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program for schools along with DTSL professional installation and training services were awarded. Each participating student and volunteer received a commemorative 3D printed souvenir medal sponsored by DTSL.

AiTLE Chair Albert Wong said “There are many people in the world who are not able to receive drinking water ever day but with advances in technology, solutions utilizing 3D design and 3D printing are simpler than ever before to help solve problems related to efficient and effective use of water resources. AiTLE would like to thank all the participating schools, partners, sponsors, all of the witnesses, stewards, volunteers, parents and students for all their hard work and efforts in making this event possible.”

“The community of Hong Kong is uniquely placed to share its experience and learnings with its large dense population and limited water resources. Over many years they have carefully managed effective water usage. Students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University have also undertaken projects that have assisted less fortunate communities in Cambodia sharing their knowledge and skills to help improve their quality of life.”

Baptist Rainbow Primary School Principal Chu said “We want our kids to look at the world and say, ‘These are problems that need to be solved. We can use our creativity to solve those problems to make the world a better place’.”

DTSL Business Director Jack Wu said, “This record breaking event demonstrated that schools and students have no limit to their creativity and innovation. In using the latest 3D printing tools schools and students in Hong Kong can be confident that they are either staying ahead or keeping in step with their peers abroad.”

Roland Peddie, co-founder CTO Makers Empire said, “It was fantastic to see so many different schools and students designing in 3D on Makers Empire 3D design software whether they choose to use their iPads, Android, Windows or Mac devices. The Guinness World Record breaking event reinforced the support we have in place for the diverse school learning environments and infrastructure requirements we see in schools and districts.”

Lap Leung, co-founder Makers Empire said, “What an event! Students will be able to remember this Guinness World Record breaking event for the rest of their lives. More importantly, through 3D design and 3D printing, they develop design thinking principles along with critical analysis and problem solving capabilities. To have students from kindergarten participating and designing in 3D is simply amazing!”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione

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