8 new standards to support school principals

Standards for supervisors of school principals aim to change the position from compliance officer to coach

school-principalsEight new standards for supervisors of school principals, covering topics such as instructional leadership and meeting the needs of diverse learners, aim to guide supervisors as they help those principals improve their effectiveness in an evolving role.

The standards are supported by The Wallace Foundation and were released by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). A team of educators from across the nation spent more than a year developing the standards for a position long focused on bureaucratic compliance but now increasingly becoming critical to developing outstanding school principals who can improve teaching and learning.

The group says the eight 2015 Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards are the first-ever standards developed for supervisors of school principals and are voluntary.

The standards are designed for state education agencies and local school districts to help recruit, select, support, and evaluate supervisors of principals. States and districts likely will adapt them to local needs.

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Laura Ascione

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