App of the Week: Shakespeare for the iPad generation

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What’s It Like? Within Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo & Juliet, the full text of the play is featured side-by-side with an animated reenactment. While the style of animation is somewhat simplistic, there are professional actors voicing the parts. Within the text, simply tapping any highlighted words offers a more modern-day term. Tabs at the top of the text let students move easily between the text, section notes, a synopsis, and their own notes. A navigation bar at the bottom of the screen shows all options — viewing by scene, examining characters, reading analysis, and reviewing notes.

Graphite Rating: 4/5

Price: $15

Grades: 8-12

Pros: It’s an all-in-one resource with the full text of the play, analysis, and animated dramatization.

Cons: The app version doesn’t include all of the features available through the Web interface.

Bottom line: An impressive resource for whole-class or at-home Shakespeare exploration.

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