App of the Week: A vast literary learning system

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What’s It Like? iStation is a supplemental learning system that adapts and individualizes learning content for each student. The main focus is reading skills, but there are also units on math and writing; science and social studies receive tangential coverage within the reading program. Kids begin the reading program with an assessment, which automatically repeats monthly to monitor and record progress. Subsequent instruction is adapted based on kids’ progress. Through a game-like setting, kids encounter lessons that address a variety of reading skills from phonemic awareness to vocabulary, spelling, and more. The reading unit is available in both English and Spanish.

Price: Subscription, prices vary

Rating: 4/5

Grades: K-8

Pros: This comprehensive resource spans both on- and offscreen learning.

Cons: It can be a challenge to orient yourself amid abundant reports and materials.

Bottom line: If you have the time and the budget, this thorough, supplemental program has real potential to help you individualize instruction.

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