Complete with 3D-specific curriculum and design software, program provides multi-dimensional support for integrating advanced STEM technology

Incorporating new technology is important for demonstrating the applications of STEM education, but limited access to advanced technology and corresponding curriculum can be a barrier for educators. That’s why Dremel, a manufacturer of tools for life and learning, created the Dremel Dreams program, a digital ecosystem that promotes a student-driven learning environment for 3D printing.

The program equips educators with a comprehensive toolkit for classroom support, including 3D-specific lesson plans and intuitive design software and hardware.

The Dremel Dreams program integrates 3D printing into the classroom with lesson plans developed by curriculum experts at Florida State University. The lesson plans and resources are designed to nurture the confidence of educators and students as they explore hands-on applications of STEM in the classroom. Ten curriculum-based lesson plans and their corresponding 3D model kits are included with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder printer.

“Using the 3D-specific lesson plans when we study alternative energy gives my students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of abstract concepts,” said Susan Nichol, Project Lead the Way and technology skills teacher at Holmes Junior High School in Mt. Prospect, Ill. “The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is a plug-and-play tool for my classroom that enables students to test and explore 3D printing as independent thinkers.”

To assist educators as they integrate 3D printing into lesson plans, Dremel provides one-on-one customer support and mentorship via phone, Skype, online chat and email. A webinar training program provides tutorials for seamless classroom integration.

As a part of the Dremel Dreams program, Autodesk’s modeling software provides an easy-to-use platform for students to practice design and engineering skills while creating their own 3D models. The Sprout by HP 3D scanning solution is also available as an additional workstation for the Dremel 3D Idea Builder. With 3D object capture, students can grab objects, upload designs and manipulate them on-screen before bringing their object to life in the physical space.

“Partnerships with like-minded organizations, such as Autodesk and HP, enable us to deliver an unparalleled STEM experience for teachers and students,” said George Velez, manager of Dremel 3D Education. “The 3D printing technology is important, but equally important are the resources and support we provide for educators.”

The Dremel Dreams program is made complete with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, a 3D printer that received UL safety certification. The printer features a fully enclosed workspace to ensure safety takes priority in the student-led classroom.

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