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School leadership under the microscope

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In this week’s news, we’re taking a look at school leadership, efforts across the country to empower school leaders, and movements that urge them to take a closer look at their schools and districts for answers to important questions.

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Half of school leaders expect significant impact from ESSA
A new survey reveals how school leaders feel about policy, tech-supported learning.

5 strategies to advance women into school leadership
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has launched a new initiative called More Than a Power Lunch: Building Networks to Support and Advance Women in School Leadership.

4 radically different school models upending education
Goal setting and PBL serve as cornerstones for new school models. Is self-directed learning every student’s future?

Looking for an innovation model for your school? Try asking students
How do you combat student engagement problems and encourage students to take an interest in their own learning? For many schools the answer seems to be some variation of personalized learning, as interpreted by school administrators or outside curriculum savants. For two Chicago-area schools, however, the solution came down to asking students: How do you want to learn?

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