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CodeMonkey, Sunburst Digital partner on coding curriculum

U.S. classrooms will now have access to CodeMonkey’s coding curriculum, including software programming and critical thinking

In President Obama’s “Computer Science for All Initiative” (announced in the 2016 State of the Union) he states we should offer “every student the hands-on computer science and math classes that make them job-ready on day one.”

Software programming and critical thinking are the new building blocks for our children to compete within a 21st century global workplace. Teaching coding effectively requires an equal understanding of the technology discipline and sound classroom instruction. Successful programs must be tested and proven in real-world, everyday school environments.

CodeMonkey teaches programming basics in a language known as “CoffeeScript” through game-based learning. CodeMonkey is endorsed by Israel’s Ministry of Education and provides instruction to 253,000 students in Israel. Their proven approach emphasizes learning a useful, real programming language through an intuitive and highly engaging online game.

The solution includes companion lesson plans, assessments and online professional development, allowing any teacher to make a positive impact in the classroom. Israel, often referred to as “The Startup Nation”, has more scientists and technicians per capita than the U.S. CodeMonkey students go on to work at innovative high-tech companies that Israel’s economy relies on to help propel them in this global economy. Now, CodeMonkey is offering that proven methodology with Sunburst Digital for U.S. classrooms.

“CodeMonkey emphasizes learning the syntax associated with coding, similar to how the best language arts programs expand upon a student’s grammar and comprehension to foster great writing,” says Joe DeSario, GM of Sunburst. In the game, users control a monkey to catch bananas by writing lines of code, ensuring all students are learning and engaged at the same time. “The students have really enjoyed CodeMonkey,” says Roger Coy, Director at Three Rivers Charter School. “They treat it like a game, especially the self-created challenges section.”

No prior coding experience is necessary in order to teach with CodeMonkey. CodeMonkey is now available from Sunburst at


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