Report finds “disturbingly low” performance among online charter schools

Stakeholders should be “outraged” by the low performance and profit-seeking of some states’ internet charter schools, according to a new report from a national pro-charter organization.

“If traditional public schools were producing such results, we would rightly be outraged,” said the report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and two other pro-charter groups entitled “A Call to Action.” “We should not feel any different just because these are charter schools.”

The report cited the “well-documented, disturbingly low performance by too many full-time virtual charter public schools,” saying it is “time for authorizers to close chronically low-performing” ones.

“Our organizations plan to work actively with state leaders and authorizers as they embark on these efforts,” it said.

The report marked more than a distancing of the charter school movement from its e-school counterparts, reading more like an all-out attack.

“When national groups that advocate for and champion charter schools question the impact of virtual charter schools on student achievement, policy makers should take note,” Chad L. Aldis, Vice President for Ohio Policy and Advocacy for the pro-charter Thomas B. Fordham Institute, said in a written statement. “If Ohio leaders are serious about improving student outcomes for virtual school students, they’d be wise to consider these recommendations.”

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