Pearson is expanding the power of digital technology to help students build strong writing skills. Now, Pearson Writer digital writing resources are integrated with Microsoft Word, providing students access to support for improving their writing skills.

According to the 2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report created by Payscale, 44 percent of hiring managers feel writing proficiency is the hard skill most lacking among recent college graduates. Now, when students are writing with Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Word 2013 or later, they will have access to support that helps build the writing skills that today’s employers are looking for in new hires.

Pearson Writer helps students manage writing and research projects and get answers to their questions from trusted, searchable content. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere—from any device including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

“This integration of two powerful digital tools presents today’s learners with a tremendous opportunity to build an essential life skill, one that is particularly critical, coveted, and too often lacking in today’s workforce,” said Paul Corey, managing director for Higher Education Courseware, Pearson.

Asking learners to work on the same task in multiple, disparate locations splits their attention unnecessarily and adds to extraneous cognitive load, as shown by Richard Mayer’s research detailed in his book, Multimedia Learning.

To enhance the learning experience and improve achievement, Pearson Writer now includes an Add-In for Word, which is accessible in a side panel within Word. This allows students to view and edit their outlines, add citations and bibliographies, and find resources in the Writer’s Guide quickly and easily while they write in the same space where they compose.

“The Pearson Writer Add-In for Microsoft Word helps students improve their writing and research skills,” said Rob Howard, director of Ecosystem, Microsoft.

Pearson Writer has been used by more than 350,000 students at over 500 colleges and universities nationwide. In addition, 81 percent of learners agree that Pearson Writer helped them better prepare for writing assignments. Nine out of 10 students agree that Pearson Writer was easy to use.

“I have a hard time planning for essays, and I usually procrastinate. However, Pearson Writer gave me example essays, an easy way to plan for my essay, citations in MLA format, and was easy to use. Using Pearson Writer, I got an A on my assignment,” said Yasmeene Younis, a student at Lorain County Community College, Elyria, Ohio.

Laura Ascione
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