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App of the Week: Parent-teacher texting made easy

Teachers' text reminders give students -- and parents -- a reason to check their phones

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Remind Education

What’s It Like? 

There’s no shortage of ways to use PhET simulations in (or out of) the classroom. Effectively, any time you’d use a static PowerPoint slide or textbook image to demonstrate a concept, it’s worth checking PhET to see if there’s an interactive version. Chances are high there is already one on the site. There are also virtual versions of common lab experiences, and it might be worth using the simulation if you’re short on class time or resources. Even if you have really great videos of experiments, the interactivity of these simulations will contribute so much to your lessons that it’s hard not to use both.

Price: Free

Grades: 1-12

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Meeting students and families where they (often) already are — on their phones and online — can help make education a priority.

Cons: Without mindful use it could be more enabling than empowering; students in varying parts of the digital divide may have different access.

Bottom line: Well-designed, widespread messaging tool can keep students and families connected with their schools — provided they have access.

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