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Students want more digital learning outside of the classroom

New survey reveals how digital learning expectations are changing

The need for digital learning content in classrooms is nothing new, but teachers, parents, and students are becoming more vocal in their desire to provide or have access to such materials outside of the school day or school year.

Deloitte‘s inaugural 2016 Digital Education Survey surveyed teachers, students and parents to uncover how technology is changing the concept of the classroom.


Forty-two percent of surveyed teachers said at least one digital device is used each day, and 75 percent said they believe digital content will replace printed textbooks in the next 10 years.

The top five devices used at least weekly in the classroom are:

  • Laptops (56 percent)
  • Desktops (54 percent)
  • Tablets (51 percent)
  • Interactive whiteboards (45 percent)
  • Smartphones (28 percent)

In a typical week, teachers use online educational videos (67 percent), educational apps or software (65 percent), websites for research (56 percent), or content- or skill-specific games (52 percent).

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Laura Ascione

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