Black and Hispanic students are consistently at a disadvantage when it comes to computer science education opportunities, according to a new report from Google and Gallup.

In addition to racial disparities, gender disparities exist as well, with girls less likely to be aware of the availability of computer science education.

The report, Diversity Gaps in Computer Science: Exploring the Underrepresentation of Girls, Blacks and Hispanics, notes that women and certain minority groups lag behind in computer science education, in pursuing computer science degrees, and in attaining computer science careers.

What’s more, the existence of this diversity gap means the computer science field might not be producing the technological innovations that align with the needs of society’s demographics, the report notes.

The report found that black students are less likely than white students (47 percent vs. 58 percent) to have classes dedicated to computer science at the school they attend.

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Laura Ascione
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