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Initiative puts $47M into principal preparation for colleges and districts

Plan will prompt universities to redesign programs in collaboration with their states and local districts

Seven universities along with state and K-12 district partners will participate in a new $47 million initiative to develop models for improving university principal preparation programs. The program also will examine state policy to see if it could be strengthened to encourage higher-quality training statewide.

The Wallace Foundation’s University Principal Preparation Initiative builds on 15 years of Wallace-supported research and experience about what makes for effective principals and their “pre-service” training at universities. The initiative seeks to explore how university programs can improve this training so it reflects the evidence on how best to prepare effective principals; these insights will be shared to benefit the broader field.

Each university will receive guidance on redesigning its programming from a principal preparation program, both university based and nonprofit, known for high-quality training. In addition, every university will form a partnership with at least three school districts that hire its graduates.

The idea is both to ensure that the training is revamped with local school needs in mind and to develop research-based training elements, such as providing candidates with rigorous internships in schools, that require close cooperation with school districts.

Participating universities, along with their district partners and states, will receive in the first year a total of $15.5 million—an average of $2.2 million per university and its partners.

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Laura Ascione

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