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Finding the right parent-teacher communication app for your class

One teacher shares her tips (and spreadsheet) for comparing parent-teacher tools

At the start of the 2015 school year, I found Bloomz fit all the criteria I was looking for, and decided to implement it in my classroom. Parents were all extremely excited to download the app to see what their child does at school all day.

Bloomz functionality is similar to that of Facebook, which most parents were already comfortable with. As the year went on, I used the app to share daily photos and videos of the students, schedule conferences, find volunteers for class events, and message parents throughout the day. Parents are able to scroll through the app and see their student hard at work. Posting on Bloomz has become such a regular part of my day that students look forward to showing off their work—and parents get anxious when I don’t post something for the day.

“I love seeing updates during the day and pictures of activities,” said one parent in an end-of-year survey. “It’s so much easier than keeping track of papers and asking my child what they’re doing,” said another parent.

I remember one specific example where I ran out of paper towels in my classroom. I posted on the app, asking if any parents could send some with their child. Within one minute, (literally) I had responses from three parents—and plenty of paper towels the next school day. The app also comes in handy when communicating information to parents in an emergency situation if necessary.

Nineteen years ago when I started teaching, parent-teacher communication was nearly taboo. Today, the communication tool has turned into a time and sanity-saver, and I can’t imagine running my classroom without total parent involvement.

In my search for the communication app that was right for me, I was able to help dozens of other teachers find the app that works for their classroom — whichever that may be — and help close the gap in our school-parent communication. I’m so grateful that digital communication has successfully connected me to parents and vice-versa, creating a team-like environment where everyone’s goal is to ensure that each student has the best learning experience possible.

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