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7 things Gen Z students say about educational technology

Students and teachers reveal how learning technologies impact their classroom environment

Overall, Gen Z students seem positive about using learning technologies in the classroom.

Here’s what Gen Z students had to say about technology and learning:

1. Seventy-one percent of Gen Z students said tablets or computers in the classroom help them learn.

2. Fifty-six percent said those tools help them learn more quickly than traditional worksheets, books and lectures.

3. Most say tablets and computers make learning fun–71 percent of Gen Z students agreed.

4. When it comes to learning apps and websites in the classroom, 70 percent of Gen Z students said they aid in learning, and 57 percent said they make learning more fun.

5. Sixty-eight percent said learning apps and websites help them prepare for tests and exams, and 48 percent said they are a good use of classroom time.

6. Eighty-eight percent use learning apps and websites on their own time to help with homework, and 64 percent said those resources help them learn.

7. When asked about important parts of in-class learning environments, 65 percent said interaction with teachers is important.

To compile the report, Quizlet surveyed 12,525 students and 10,800 teachers in November to discern their preferences and perceptions about how educational technology is used inside and outside the classroom.

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