Presentation Tools

5. Prezi

Tons of online presentations have been created by K-12 students on this platform, so why not use it? Prezi is an advanced way to make presentations that will make users forget about PowerPoint. It is a completely online tool that allows for stunning interactive presentations and collaborating on different projects in real time. What can be surprising to the educators and students is that the platform has changed the way a user makes a presentation by moving away from slides. Already used by K-12 schools for assignments, this edtech tool has been proven effective as early as elementary school!

6. Plotly

K-12 teachers can also use this edtech tool to advance their graphic representation of learning materials. Specifically, educators can gather assignments online using Plotly while their students engage in current tutorials to improve their visualization skills. It can also be used to collaborate on projects in real time, just like with Prezi. For teachers, another great advantage of using Plotly is the opportunity to store materials in the cloud to avoid huge files and be able to access these materials anytime, anywhere.

Classroom Connectors

7. Edmodo

Want to connect with students by using a dedicated platform where you can also communicate with parents and colleagues? Edmodo provides great opportunities for educators, schools and parents to stay up to date with current school events and individual student performance. For educators, the platform may also improve the grading process by making it easier to access works completed by students. The edtech tool also prevents students from using assignment help and enables them to participate in discussions. Educators can provide access to homework and teaching materials to parents, so the latter can be involved in the educational process.

8. Schoology

If educators need to create a new curricula, class rosters, or calendar of lessons, then Schoology is the right edtech tool! The system provides a wide variety of tools that automate processes, thus saving time and effort for educators. It also has a number of advanced features, such as the creation of individual calendars for students, personal messaging, and workload planning. These features can be used by K-12 every day, so Schoology can become a personal assistant. This assistant is also completely free to use, which is another reason why Schoology rocks.

About the Author:

Scott Ragin is an online tutor and experienced high school educator. Scott is always trying to create all the necessary conditions for the development of a well-integrated personality in his students. He loves guiding other people through their teaching practice and shares his ideas as a blogger.