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What’s It Like? 

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is tough to review. It is a relatively easy and enjoyable-to-play adventure game that has a novel control scheme. The story, however, focuses on heavy themes of family bonds and perseverance after grief and tragedy, and it lingers long after the player is done playing. Spoiler alert: The game does not end happily ever after. That said, there’s good reason why this game has been extremely well-received among the gaming press.

Price: Game for PS3, Xbox 360

Grades: 7-12

Rating: 4/5

Pros: The control scheme is brilliantly mirrored to the game’s message.

Cons: Its mature themes can be depressing, and sometimes it’s hard to suspend disbelief for some puzzles.

Bottom line: With good support, an extremely powerful game to build empathy.

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