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This is what Google Expeditions can do in a classroom

Educators talk about their virtual reality experiences and how they engaged students in learning.

Educators can explore virtual reality communities online, such as the TES collection of teacher-created Google Expeditions resources or the Google+ Expeditions group.

Check out this Google Doc for a list of available expeditions.

Current expeditions include the circulatory system, industry in the Victorian era, Paris, Shanghai, skyscrapers of Europe, and the San Diego Zoo.

And by joining user communities, educators can gain inspiration from how their peers use the technology.

Teachers in the Community Consolidated School District 62 in Illinois introduced Google Expeditions to enhance learning for their students, as illustrated in this Google blog post. Sarah Murphy, a science teacher at Algonquin Middle School, uses Google Expeditions to show her students processes such as those that formed the Grand Canyon. Murphy said her students are more engaged and exhibit deeper thinking as they ask more complicated questions relating to their lessons.

Elizabeth Moravec, an art teacher at Terrace Elementary School and Orchard Place Elementary School, uses Google Expeditions and DIY virtual reality to bring artwork to life for students, giving them examples of perspective and size as they relate to famous works of art and landmarks.

Matt Peebles, a fourth-grade teacher at Plainfield Elementary School, uses Google Expeditions to illustrate challenging math concepts and relate them to real-world objects, situations and landmarks to help students relate their lesson to something they’re familiar with.

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