5 tips for new, easy and affordable school edtech upgrades

Budget-friendly ways that may not have been possible until recently that can boost a school’s IT offering for better classroom performance.

4. Save IT budget while ensuring students and teachers are still efficient: Installing more memory and SSDs can speed up computers instantly. Even doubling a system’s memory from 4GB to 8GB and adding a 275GB SSD costs 75 percent less than buying a new computer.

5. Upgrade quickly and easily: Memory and SSD installations are quick and easy. A system upgrade won’t require significant downtime and you can teach students in computer science courses to install memory and SSDs—a valuable skill they can take outside the classroom.

Ensuring teachers and students have the technology they need to be successful doesn’t need to be a huge headache. With the appropriate knowledge about upgrading existing devices instead of replacing them, schools can decrease IT spending and save more funds for other classroom-related upgrades. There’s always new and exciting technology that teachers want their students to use, so IT funds shouldn’t be spent unnecessarily on new computers without first considering ways to upgrade the current offerings!

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