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4 wireless network goals for schools

How managed Wi-Fi solutions can transform the K-12 classroom in an era of innovation--if done right.

Managed Wi-Fi technology is having a profound, transformative impact on K-12 classroom environments. Although wireless access technology has been in schools for several years, earlier-generation solutions have not been robust enough to keep pace with growing mobility requirements.

Today’s more advanced managed Wi-Fi technologies now provide the functionality, scalability and bandwidth to support an ambitious set of classroom mobility requirements.

There are several K-12 education trends and initiatives driving the need for Wi-Fi:

Distributed Content & Shared Information: To remain competitive in the digital learning world, K-12 schools are developing ways to share educational content throughout the district over their high-speed networks by distributing live music classes, recorded video art lessons, video chat, virtual field trips and other educational content. Even social media channels have become learning tools for the creative classroom.

One-to-One Learning Initiatives: Many districts are empowering their students by opening a whole new world of learning by swapping traditional, printed textbooks for tablets, laptops, and computers, giving students the latest technology and access to the internet and building new curriculum in and around this marriage of education and technology.

Standardized Testing: By putting down the No. 2 pencils and adopting online testing, schools have faster access to results. This enables educators and parents to quickly assess students’ progress and better understand their strengths and areas needing additional focus.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): As mobile device ownership becomes more pervasive, students and teachers want to bring their own devices into classrooms. This trend has influenced schools around the world to consider BYOD as a way to leverage technology for enhanced teaching and learning.

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