Wireless Network Goals for Schools

To fully leverage mobility initiatives, school tech staffs must strive for any time, any place network access from any device. Accomplishing these access goals requires:

1. A Scalable Network

Your network must be able to handle twice the number of users as you currently support, as well as four-to-six devices per user.

2. Higher Bandwidth

Your network must support bandwidth-intensive resources such as e-textbooks, video streaming, homework servers and cloud-based applications.

3. Wider Coverage

Network access must extend beyond the classroom to cover the entire campus, including high traffic areas such as auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums.

4. Security at the Edge

Wireless networks must be protected with stringent endpoints security and RF-intrusion detection tools.

Network Challenges

For many educational institutions, meeting these goals with in-house staff becomes a tall order. Striking the right balance between pervasive access and security can be challenging.

Another challenge is ensuring network availability since learning is becoming so dependent on wireless network access during the school day.

To satisfy mobility requirements and achieve the necessary wireless network goals, schools that may be constrained by available internal resources should consider managed wireless LAN systems. These services extend a school’s LAN infrastructure without the cost of network wiring, and support school and personal devices with secure wireless access to data and applications. They also free school tech resources from daily operations and management of wireless infrastructure.

Many school districts struggle to keep up with rapidly changing network requirements that are exceeding the limits of existing Wi-Fi deployments, as well as the capabilities of their in-house staff. A cloud-based, managed solution can help schools meet growing demand for bandwidth while reducing management complexity, addressing security concerns, and ensuring high availability.

About the Author:

Patrick McHugh is the New Hampshire State President for FairPoint Communications, a position he has held since 2011. In this position, McHugh works closely with schools and universities in providing advanced voice and data solutions that address their classroom and administrative needs.