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5 reasons why every school needs to brand NOW

In the age of the internet, a unifying brand presence can be shared with the world outside of the school door. Use the summer to craft a “brand plan.”

4. It’s a Do-it-Yourself World

If Ad men and school leaders don’t seem to share the same vibe, think again. Brand has been a revolutionary business tool for sharing ideas among like-minded communities.

Brand brings the benefit of connective, emotional reward. Disney is one of the best brands in the world at creating loyalty out of emotion. So are Starbucks and Nike. Schools don’t need a Madison Avenue budget to bring the same unifying culture of brand to a school that these global companies do–a brand that creates connection and feeling.

With the help of an internal team of teachers, staff, kids and parents, a brand plan can take root quickly just as well as a marketing department or Madison Avenue creative group…and at low cost or no cost. It’s a DIY creative endeavor.

In the words of Scott Kerr, Time Inc.’s Executive Director /Strategy + Insights, “Like great disruptive brands from Apple to Uber, educators now have the ability to get the community engaged and immersed in the school’s brand equity.”

5. Digital Leadership

Brand has been simmering in the minds and beta-tested in the schools of progressive leaders, but every school leader is impacted by the digital world and deserves a brand presence. Warren Buffett once said, “It takes twenty years to build a brand and five minutes to ruin it.”

In our Twitterverse world, that give minutes has become mere seconds. Schools must be resolved in building a brand and sharing the range of messages and stories of the good work they produce daily. Amplifying messages has never been more important. We live in a new decade, an era of acceleration, where communication around real stories and fake news touches a school community. Schools can be known for their authenticity through building a brand and being a digital leader in education.

A solid brand is an essential beacon for a school, one that not only unifies but strengthens. A well-crafted school brand is key to a school’s communication effectiveness in our unpredictable social media and digital age.

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