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9 reasons why today’s students are loving innovation-based courses

These kinds of project-based courses with roots in STEM, STEAM, making, and constructivism are growing ever more popular and provide real-world application of multiple core courses.

4. They develop self-awareness and confidence. Sometimes, students need to break out of their shells, as they oftentimes discover both hidden talents and abilities. When given the opportunity to customize their classroom experiences according to personal interests and styles of learning, students become empowered to take learning in their own direction.

5. They love getting their hands dirty. No idle hands here. Given the choice between sitting at a desk or being up and moving, the choice is pretty easy for most students. Whether it’s cardboard and glue guns, or circuits and robotics, students are all in!

6. It allows for real-world application of computer and technical skills. So, your school just built a makerspace, installed a media studio or purchased 3D printers. Now what? Courses based on innovation provide a practical use of cutting-edge technology so that students can be on the frontlines of tomorrow’s careers.

7. They see things from another perspective. 21st Century learners want instant gratification. These courses embrace challenges and encourage students to capitalize on shortcomings. Failure is an essential and constructive part of learning. It takes perseverance and grit to have a substantial idea, create a prototype, and work it through the design process.

8. They apply other subjects without even knowing it. Let’s face it; sometimes we need to “trick” students into learning. And that’s not a bad thing. Doing things in a new way is the essence of innovation.

9. It all adds up to increased engagement. It’s a win-win situation for students and teachers. Attendance and achievement increase, and disengagement and behavioral incidents decrease. What’s not to love about innovation-based courses?

The Inventionland Innovation Course is web-based and available nationwide to students in grades 6-16. To explore a demo of the course visit To learn more about our district’s transformational journey, follow our STEAM blog here.

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