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15 of the best apps to engage students outside the classroom

From kindergarten to grade 12, the vast assortment of apps can meet any student’s interests, all while providing valuable lessons.

Grades 6-12: (in no particular order)

Star Chart, Night Sky, Solar Walk and National Parks by National Geographic are perfect for those who love to explore nature. From stargazing to navigating through space and time, these apps allow users to immerse themselves in the limitlessness of the world around them in unique and inspiring ways.

Duolingo is a fun, free way to learn foreign languages. Perfect for a student who wants to maintain their skills or pick up a new language altogether, this program uses science to help guide the learning process. It’s easy to use, encouraging and positively addictive.

GarageBand and Edjing allow music lovers to record their own music creations by utilizing vast sound libraries that include instruments and voice options. Users can play, record and share their music with family and friends worldwide.

Paper and Prêt à Template are the perfect options for those with a flair for the arts. From capturing creative inspiration, to creating a sketch, a student can easily showcase their creative artistry using a vast assortment of digital drawing tools.

Swift Playgrounds, as mentioned above, is perfect for the novice coder. As students develop their skills, they can take on a series of challenges and step up to more advanced playgrounds. Learning Swift helps students understand Apple’s powerful programming language.

Coach’s Eye is a great tool for young athletes. By providing instant video feedback, the app allows students to capture and review their strengths, as well as see areas for improvement, while engaging in their favorite sports. They can then share their video with friends and teammates.

So whether kids need a break from the heat, or are seeking out things to do indoors while avoiding the cold, remember digital options are available to engage and educate kids on the topics they most enjoy all year long. And, with the endless variety of apps available, every student, whether in elementary, middle school or high school, has the option to exercise their imagination, test their skills and interact with their peers through age-appropriate mobile apps. Now’s the time to enhance their world with technology.

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