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Fourth-Grade teacher: These are “My Tech Essentials”

Here are the education technology tools that allow kids to create, communicate, and think for themselves.

2) myON News: I wouldn’t want to teach without myON. myON is a digital library with thousands of books that students access online anytime, anywhere. myON also has a news portion that gives the students current news articles on a daily basis. The writers do an amazing job of writing articles that are not only current and cutting-edge, but they completely capture the attention of all readers.

I love being able to talk to my students about what’s currently going on in our world! After reading the articles, they are linked to books that are related to the same topic. As students read myON News, they are presented with facts, maps, and interactive videos. I use the books in myON’s library as well as myON news articles to help teach and reinforce science and social studies topics. I take the standards I’m teaching and immediately search myON’s library for titles before I plan. I can use these books in so many different ways. It is so assuring to know that everyone has a copy.

3) Google Tools for Education: Students can produce amazing things for me through Google docs and Google drawings. One of my favorite things to do is have my students create booksnaps. This concept was created by Tara Martin, an amazing educator who I came across via Twitter. You can find her by looking up #Booksnaps or @TaraMartinEDU.

Basically, a booksnap is a digital, visual representation to annotate and share an excerpt of a book using Snapchat, Google Drawings, or many other apps. Students take a picture or screenshot of the text they are reading. They then take a quote that resonated within them and add emojis, bitmojis, drawings, stickers, etc. to share what they were thinking. This is an excellent way to motivate students to think about text as they read and build their schema.

When teaching elementary-schoolers, it’s important to make your lessons engaging and relevant for them. But it’s also important that the tech you use for this purpose feels essential to you and your goals.

Don’t settle for what’s available. Think outside the box and go try something new!

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