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Student: How a virtual education prepared me for higher ed

Why virtual education can foster a great intellectual learning environment and pave the way to college success, including for home-schooled students.

3 Virtual Education Advantages

And if I were asked to evaluate the online learning program overall, I’d highlight these three advantages:

  • More control over my schedule, work pace, and study environment. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I thrive when I have quiet study and reflection time versus trying to get things done in a group setting. I also like being able to make my own schedule on a week-to-week basis and work at my own pace to accomplish the assignments due each week.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with peers and make new friends. The idea that home-school and virtual learners are isolated from their friends and social opportunities is a misconception. There is definitely a social aspect to online learning. I’ve made some great friends in the information chat rooms that I’ve also been in touch with outside of class.
  • Leveraging my strengths as a very “visual” learner. Because most of the material is presented in a textbook or article format, I can tap into my strong visual learning capabilities and easily engage with and learn from the content. This is a lot easier for me to understand versus a traditional classroom lecture.

In every online course that I took, I participated in discussions and group work. Even though it seems like you’ll never get to know the other 30 people during the course of the semester, the truth is that you really do come away with a greater sense of everyone’s personal perspectives and voices on specific topics.

When working on group projects, my classmates and I collaborated for a minimum of two to three weeks, using messaging applications to discuss those projects, divvy up the duties, and critique and comment on one another’s work. It really felt like a traditional school group project.

Self-discipline and good time management skills are two of the primary requirements for online learning success. I have used other platforms (both as a home-schooled student and at my previous high school), and I have to say that these offering are some of the better programs out there right now.

I also thought the other kids who were in my classes were of a really high caliber. Even in my non-AP® and honors classes, the ones who were interested and motivated truly helped create a great classroom environment.

The online teachers also played a key role in helping their students succeed online. My teachers were truly interested and not just babysitting and grading my work; they also actively participated in the classroom, and helped everyone dig deeper.

Cumulatively, online learning really fosters a great intellectual learning environment and has really elevated by college-readiness.

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