School leadership is never an easy task, and throwing in changing technology and the move to digital teaching and learning can prove challenging for even the best superintendents.

Experienced superintendents have said transforming a school district and heading into the digital age is less a sprint and much more a marathon of small, incremental steps leading to their ultimate goal.

Many agree that school improvement models should be shared across the globe to help other educators learn valuable lessons about how shared passions for education can lead to long-lasting, positive changes in schools.

Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons is that becoming a strong and effective school superintendent does not hinge on just one thing, but rather, includes setting bold goals, investing in teams, articulating a vision and having honest communication with others.

Now, new superintendent one-pagers from CoSN offer a comprehensive set of resources focused on different edtech topics to help guide and empower superintendents as they lead their schools, educators and students through the digital transformation.

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Laura Ascione
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Laura Ascione

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