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How 4 states are purchasing digital resources

A new resource offers a look at 4 states' processes and challenges as they obtain digital resources and materials.

As more states move through the digital transition and acquire digital resources for teachers and students, it is more important than ever to establish clear-cut processes to obtain high-quality materials.

Now, a new resource from SETDA offers a look at different state-level procurement models to demonstrate how various states have implemented policies and procedures to procure digital resources, instructional materials and devices.

State Procurement Case Studies: Spotlight on Digital Materials Acquisition was developed in collaboration with state and district digital learning leaders, instructional materials directors, procurement offices and academic officers.

Because the process for the acquisition and implementation varies widely from state to state, the case studies provide detailed information about the process in each state. The in-depth studies of California, Indiana, Louisiana and Utah provide road maps for other states that are moving forward to implement digital learning materials policies and procedures.

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Laura Ascione

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