change school circles

Do you know about the 3 circles that can Change School?

Change School is the result of an attempt to bring together the educational leaders from around the world to discuss three big circles in education reform.

Here are the three big things talked about in Change School–the three big circles that are interconnected:

1. What do you believe about how kids learn? It is crucial that we as educators write that down, that we articulate it, look at it from time to time and ask ourselves, “Am I doing what I believe in the classroom? Does that align with what I believe and what I know about how learning occurs?”

2. Do I understand how the world has changed in a learning context? Do we really understand what that means in terms of the agency that kids have now and people have? To learn, on demand, whatever they want, and the implications of that. That is the biggest shift that education has ever experienced. Most people don’t fully recognize what has happened. That it is not about the technology, that it is about the agency now that we have the choice we have, the power we have over the decision-making we have when it comes to what we learn, when we learn it, how we learn it and what we do with it. There has never been a more amazing time to be a learner, but most of us in education still don’t fully understand the context around what that means.

3. Practice–how is your practice informed by those other two things? How does your practice comport with what you understand and believe about learning? Does it also reflect what you understand about the way the world operates now?

Expanding the Circles

Within those circles there are any number of questions that emerge.

For example, what technologies are really appropriate in the classroom for kids? What literacies do kids need now to understand when they are reading and writing and communicating and connecting, contributing, and doing all the stuff they do online? How different are those from the literacies we grew up with and the things they are currently testing for?”

Richardson is asking the right questions. He is re-imagining what schools are and what they can become. In Change School, his 50 to 60 cohorts per session are learning to ask those questions too.

So, how many people does it take to become a movement? How many does it take to make a difference? Thanks to Richardson, we may soon know.

Many people want to change the world. Will Richardson is changing the world by changing school.

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