For decades, the common morning routine for most high school students included hitting the snooze button, running down the street to avoid missing the bus and putting belongings in your locker before homeroom.

At Dover Area High School, a third of that equation appears to be on its way out.

Student use of lockers has dwindled since Pennsylvania’s Dover Area School District implemented a one-to-one program at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. The school also allows students to carry book bags to class.

“We simply said, ‘If any student would like a locker, please go to the main office,’” said Dover Area High School Principal Jared Waster.

No lockers, no #textbooks. Is this the #school of the #future?

Out of 1,036 students attending the school, only 52 registered for a locker under the new policy, according to Wastler.

“That’s not to say they’re actually using them,” Wastler said.

Most of the registrations were made by ninth-graders, some of whom may have already abandoned the lockers as the rest of the student body has done.

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This article was updated to include remarks from Dover school board President Nathan Eifert.

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