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Fascinating: Can analytics help schools hire the best teachers?

Understanding data's new role in elevating education, hiring processes and student achievement.

Rapidly Identify High Quality Applicants

A resume is not the best tool for identifying high quality teacher applicants. Rather, you need a research-based assessment to identify which candidates are most likely to succeed and accomplish better outcomes in the classroom. Using an automated, analytical screening tool to do this assessment allows you to handle any number of applicants and process them efficiently.

Find and Fill the Gaps

Once you implement a research-based applicant screening system, reassess your process to determine where you have gaps. For example, look to uncover whether certain hiring managers take longer to process applications or if certain schools persistently hire low quality candidates. Having this information at your fingertips empowers you to make strategic decisions that result in better hiring outcomes.

Analytics in Action

Michelle Holland, Leadership Prep School principal, put this analytics method in practice and experienced excellent results. Specifically, the Frisco, Texas school implemented a research-based applicant screening system to identify, hire and develop teachers most likely to positively impact student achievement.

The system simplified the school’s hiring process by providing greater insights into applicants’ backgrounds and how they could align with the school’s mission. The assessment helped the administrators determine who to interview. Following the interviews, the tool helped the decision-making process by matching the applicants’ skill sets and backgrounds with the schools’ requirements.

Holland recently hired a fourth-grade teacher using the new system. The initial feedback from students and parents has been positive.

“The parents and students love her,” Holland said about the new hire. “She’s engaging, involved, knowledgeable and brings a lot of passion and energy to the classroom.”

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