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Still? Most teachers feel unprepared to use technology in the classroom

New research reveals that teachers want more training, time to master use of technology in the classroom.

While 42 percent of teachers said they do feel that using technology in the classroom further supports students’ interests in math and science, the benefits extend beyond tech-oriented subjects.

Forty-eight percent of teachers believe students retain more information across all subjects when learning through technology, and 41 percent of teachers note that students learn faster when using technology.

Thirty-one percent said they believe students who use technology to learn have higher test scores.

Taking a cross-curricular approach is essential–69 percent of surveyed teachers said they think technology can be used to support any subject.

U.S. teachers have reported improvement from students who use technology to learn for the a variety of subjects, such as math (65 percent), reading and writing (56 percent), English (39 percent), and history (21 percent).

While 58 percent of teachers said they feel confident using tech in the classroom, and 44 percent said they wish they had access to even more tech in the classroom, 24 percent said they are still afraid that their students know more about the technology than they do.

Thirty-seven percent of teachers reported spending their free time learning how to best use the technology that they are implementing in the classroom, and 33 percent said they wish they had more resources to help with tech-based lesson plans.

Laura Ascione

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