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The top 5 cybersecurity threats for schools

If your school hasn't thought about cybersecurity as a growing concern, it's time to learn what the threats are and what you should be doing to keep your school, and its data, protected.

4. User Error

A data breach in Florida is just one example of the chaos user error can provoke. This issue didn’t begin with hackers at all. It began with carelessness that caused sensitive information to become public, leading two students to sue the Miami-Dade school district after a simple Google search revealed that their test scores and social security numbers were published on the district website for all to see.

User error occurs regularly, and a common root of this is failing to restrict access to files or certain sites that may be compromised.

Solution: Restrict user access to sensitive documents only to those who absolutely need them, and make sure that your site architecture is set up to require a secure login for access. You may also want to create a white list of safe sites and applications and block the rest.

5. No Backup

As disheartening as it sounds, even when you take all the necessary precautions to protect your vital information, data breaches can still occur. When an attack happens, it’s often a major blow to productivity to try and get all the information back into a secure place. Worse, vital work can be lost for good.

Solution: Install a backup system on each school device that sends data to a remote server throughout the day (not just at night) to help make sure nothing is lost.

Arming Your Team with Tools

If you’re already using a help desk solution to automate your cybersecurity program, you may want to consider adding two additional tools for your IT team: agentless asset inventory and mobile management.

An agentless tool tracks all IP-addressable devices on your network, meaning any device that enters your network (school property or not) is discoverable. You’ll not only be able to know a device’s users and location, you can also see if their software is up to date and see what applications they have downloaded. Best of all, you don’t have to manually download an agent on each device.

When it comes to mobile asset management tools, like Mobile Device Management, you not only can track who is on your network, but remotely access each device. You can push out updates remotely, restrict access while these devices are on your network and enforce any of your other security protocols.

While those who commit online crimes can sometimes seem unstoppable, making sure those in your school are educated about cybersecurity goes a long way. Action, however, is required to prevent infiltration, so begin creating your cyber safety program with these five solutions now to make your school that much safer.

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