People know Dr. Steve Perry from his education thought leadership, his Capital Preparatory Schools system and his talent to tell his personal stories in education.

Outspoken and often controversial, Dr. Perry’s voice is widely respected by grassroots community members, education experts and even A-list celebrities.

In this no-holds-barred interview, Dr. Perry talks about the teachers’ unions, school choice and the need for an honest discussion in the media about education.

Dr. Perry sees a pressing need for the truth about education, and his popularity on CNN and other major news and entertainment networks seems to prove out the concept. He refers to most education beat reporters as hacks, and bemoans the pedantic rhetoric of most of the education contributors we see on TV, who always present “the same silly ‘give the public schools more money’ talk.” He says people are tired of that, and want more.

Education touches nearly every person in America, and its consumption is directly tied to the success of our nation. But the real stories are getting lost in our media. And people are hungry for more.

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