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Creating the future of education

FETC 2018 was the real deal. Here's why

The power to create the future of education technology is very appealing. The ability to fabricate and then implement a technological universe that could lead our future generations of learners might be our generation’s greatest achievement. If I were going to put together a formula, I would probably do the following:

1. Identify around 1,000 of the best available education minds from all over the world.
2. Assemble these big thinkers in one place, and over a period of four or five days have open discussion and lively debate around some carefully thought-out subject areas.
3. Include areas of innovation, academics, emotional intelligence, and the business of technology.
4. Invite at least 10,000 working educators and administrators to join in the discussion.
5. Watch carefully as the magic happens.

If I could put together this much firepower in one place and ask the right questions, imagine what could be accomplished.

As it just so happens, somebody beat me to the punch.

The real deal
I have attended a large number of education conferences, meetings, and events in my day, and most of them become formulaic over time. Many provide solid professional development and some entertaining speakers, but I rarely come back feeling like these events are moving the needle, and almost never come back feeling like these events have the power to significantly change the quality of education for our children. I have become accustomed to tempering my expectations. That said, I know the real deal when I see it.

This year in Orlando, I saw the real deal.

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