Programming trends at SXSW EDU 2018

What you can see, learn, hear, and experience at this year's SXSW EDU

Over the years, SXSW EDU has facilitated thousands of key conversations within the education community by hosting thought leaders from around the world each March. As the 2018 event approaches, we are excited to share several trends recognized in this year’s upcoming program. Whether it’s a panel, workshop, talk, or one of the many session types at the conference—we look forward to the important dialogue, connections, and collaborations that will take place.

Through the PanelPicker process this past summer, the community has submitted and chosen programming for this year’s event. The trends highlighted here echo what the community has brought forward as relevant and in need of discussion. Encompassing a variety of subject matters, the trends cover many different topics; however, there are shared commonalities throughout. At the core of many conversations is the effort to create accessible, engaging, personalized, and empowered learning.

For example, with frequently evolving technology inside and outside of the classroom, media literacy and the work taking place to help students identify credible information source stood out as one important topic we are seeing weaved throughout the program. Additionally, we have spotted a trend of educators taking the role as the lead learner which explores new pedagogy techniques and the opportunity for furthering professional development. Notably there is also a more prevalent movement in incorporating whole-student support through mindfulness and social emotional learning (SEL).

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