3 ways to push your professional development to the next level

What PD opportunities will you pursue at SXSW EDU?

Learning is a never-ending process, but for those in the education field, learning is a necessity of the profession. At SXSW EDU we spend a lot of time thinking about opportunities for learning and professional development (PD). It is something that is often top of mind for teachers and education leaders as well.

PD is the process of continued education. This can take many forms including specialized training, conferences, informal workshops, or formal lessons, all aimed toward expanding knowledge, competencies, and skills.

Oftentimes, schools and districts require PD as a means of ensuring that educators continue to strengthen their practice throughout their career. Additionally, education professionals frequently voluntarily seek PD. Career growth tops the list of desired employee benefits and is significantly valued. Furthermore, opportunities for professional and career development is of high interest for employees and a top priority for employers seeking to retain and grow talent.

There’s no shortage of strategies for keeping your skill set fresh and learning new things. As you enter the new year and start to think about your goals for 2018, here are three ways to push your professional development to the next level.

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