App of the Week: Adobe Capture CC

Magical design tool extracts colors, patterns, and more from images

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What’s It Like? 

Use Adobe Capture CC to help students pick out (and use!) the subtle details and elements of design and art in everything from magazines to photos to everyday objects like wallpaper. Task students with using Capture to extract color values, shapes, patterns, textures, and even brush strokes from the world around them, whether through a mission-based activity (like going out to a museum) or just in their daily routines. Once they’ve assembled a library of assets (which they can put into a digital mood board and present to the class), have students unleash Capture’s power by overlaying their curated visual assets onto other images to create mini-mashups. After that, have students export Capture’s asset library to other Adobe apps (like Photoshop) to create finalized projects such as composite posters for school events, custom composite images for a class YouTube channel, or a Facebook banner.

Price: Free

Grades: 3-12

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Access to granular photo elements; ability to create and share photo element libraries; fully compatible with Adobe CC apps.

Cons: The Vector Capture tool is a step down from the previous version; no in-app access to FAQs or other support.

Bottom line: The rare combo of “wow” factor and utility, this tool help students recognize and use the designed world around them.

Laura Ascione

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