App of the Week: Google Classroom

Simplify communication, collaboration, and document sharing

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What’s It Like? 

Google Classroom is an excellent tool for any classroom that uses G Suite products like Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets. Google Classroom creates folders for each classroom teachers add, and folders within those for each assignment — automatically. Want to use the same assignment with a different class or the following year? It’s a simple process to find it and assign it again. A teacher can also create an assignment and select a date and time in the future for it to be posted. This level of organization is a huge time-saver. Teachers can also give assignments that don’t have any attachments. For example, they might give students directions in text or a video to participate in a math warm-up on the board. Once a student has completed the task, they can mark it as done.

Price: Free

Grades: 2-12

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Easy-to-learn interface, integrates with lots of apps and websites, able to seamlessly collect and share G Suite documents.

Cons: Parent access is limited, there’s no true gradebook, and document ownership can be confusing.

Bottom line: Google Classroom is a great way to manage and organize learning, though teachers who need more features may need to look elsewhere.

Laura Ascione

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